May 2024

May 8

Running a dealership isn’t cheap – starting with your showroom! From salaries and inventory to marketing, key machines, and more, it’s easy for the COST of selling cars to get out of control. But, there’s a lot you can control that will save money, cut costs, and help you sell cars faster.

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April 2024

April 17

When airports get busy and the TSA line backs up, they don’t skip steps. Your license and boarding pass will be checked every single time. You would think car dealerships would be just as rigorous in verifying people are who they say they are, like airports do.

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March 2024

March 20

The FTC’s Safeguards Rule requires dealers to enforce physical, administrative, and technical compliance at their dealerships or face possible fines of $100,000 per violation.

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February 2024


February 21

Compliance and ID fraud detection will ultimately save your dealership money by preventing theft and avoiding FTC fines. 

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December 2023

December 13, 2023

Avoiding fraud is a pressing issue for dealerships — especially during the busy holiday season. 

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August 2023

August 9, 2023

Competition for car buyers is fierce and the pressure is on dealers to speed up the sales process. With the FTC’s Safeguards Rule in full effect, moving too fast can lead to big problems for dealers.

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July 2023

July 19, 2023

Compliance when done right protects your dealership, your customers’ information, and your bottom line.

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June 2023

June 22, 2023

Equifax and Informativ have teamed up to present a fast and informative webinar that will quickly explain to you and your team 5 soft pull secrets that will help you sell more.

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May 2023

May 16, 2023

Dealers have three specific obligations when it comes to the Safeguards Rule including the administrative, physical and technical protection of consumer data. Whether you have a compliant process in place or you’ve been procrastinating, we have 9 quick ways your dealership can become and ensure compliance before the June 9th deadline.

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April 2023

April 13, 2023

Efficiency is key – and easier than you might think. From understanding which marketing and advertising efforts are working (and doing more of that) to being strategic about your credit pulls and making compliance and fraud prevention EASY for your sales team, there are 8 tips we gathered from top dealers about how they keep the revenue engine at their dealership running whether they’re open or closed.

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March 2023

March 9, 2023

The newly expanded FTC Safeguards rule takes effect June 9, 2023. The compliance requirements can have a huge impact on your dealership if you’re not prepared and will result in devastating fines.

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February 2023


February 16, 2023

Covid forced us to get used to using QR codes. Now they’re often used in advertising BUT are still linking to busy website landing pages where car buyers inevitably abandon any form.

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