The Only Complete & Proactive Credit & Compliance Solution from Lead to Sale

Verified & Prequalified Buyers

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Informativ brings together CreditDriver, Credit Bureau Connection (CBC), and Dealer Safeguard Solutions (DSGSS) to create the only flat-rate monthly subscription in the automotive industry for credit, compliance, and more prequalified buyers.
  • Tech that captures, identifies & prioritizes verified prospects to increase conversions up to 30%
  • Proactive dealer compliance & fraud detection that prevent costly fines & theft
  • Credit bureau services with 99.99% uptime

Our Solutions



Verified & Prequalified Prospect Data


CONSISTENT & Compliant Sales Process


Fast & Reliable Credit Partner


Fraud Detection & prevention


Turn Your Compliance Cowboys Into Boy Scouts: Best Practices for Dealerships

Compliance Cowboys who treat your dealership like the Wild West can end up costing you. In fact, the FTC can impose penalties of up to $100,000 for every violation of its Safeguards Rule. A safer, less expensive option is to simply leverage technology that turns those cowboys into Boy Scouts. 

What Our Clients Say

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“Attaching Informativ's CreditDriver QR code tech to our existing advertising has been a game changer. We picked up 58 additional leads on our first campaign alone!"

Mike Lopretta
GM, Razzari Ford

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“My team says - please, whatever you do, don't take it away because it's helping us sell cars faster, more compliant. And our customer experience is excellent.”

Andy Graff
Galpin Motors

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“We hold the record for the best compliance and audit score in the Berkshire Hathaway group, and Dealer Safeguard Solutions’ compliance tech is a major contributor to that success.”

Mike Brosin
Crest Auto Group

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“They took something so complicated and made it so simple!”

Chris Zamora
Zamora Auto Group

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“I sleep better and know the owners do too. Out of all the solutions I’ve ever used at my dealership, this is the one that had no issues. Everything was smooth. It’s money well spent.”

John Gross
Firkins Auto Group

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“The team is reliable, respected, easy to work with and do what’s right for the customer. They actually take an interest in us and what we’re working on and go the extra mile to help us find solutions for the problems we’re looking to solve.”

Daniel E.

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“They are more than a vendor. They’re a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to deliver great technological expertise.”

Anthony Ianucilli
Schomp Auto Group

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“They are more than a vendor. They’re a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to deliver great technological expertise.”

Deepak Polamarasetty

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“They were easy to integrate with and sped up our product launch. Unlike working with an independent bureau, they gave us the flexibility to pull credit from more than just one bureau.”

Travis Bowie
General Manager, Jerry


From instant, better, and trackable leads to a compliant sales process with industry-leading credit technology, give us 10 minutes and we’ll show you how our exclusive proactive credit and compliance solution from lead to sale will help your business.