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Dealer Sales Compliance

Guarantee a transparent, consistent and compliant process on every vehicle sale.

My team says - please, whatever you do, don't take [the compliance solution] away because it's helping us sell cars faster, more compliant. And our customer experience is excellent.”

— Andy Graff, Galpin Motors


Large North Texas Dealership

Fraudulent IDs Detected in 6 Months

in Stolen Vehicles Saved



Prevents Fraud

Fraud detection and prevention tech fully integrates with our Dealer Safeguard Solutions (DSGSS) compliance platform and works from any mobile device on in-store and remote deals. The tech instantly scans IDs for 250+ unique barcode formats from every state to detect fake IDs and prevent theft.

Eliminate Paperwork

Creates a digital process that enforces compliance on in-store and remote deals by allowing you to request and receive STIPs electronically. The platform creates a digital trail and stores dead deals for the required five years.

Enforces Consistency

The Dealers Safeguard Solutions (DSGSS) platform glues together your people, policies, and process to adhere to Federal Safeguards, privacy laws, and FCRA obligations. The platform allows you to transition from reacting to compliance violations after the fact to stopping them before they occur.

Digital Marketing that integrates seamlessly with our compliance solution.

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Top Dealerships Trust Dealer Safeguard Solutions (DSGSS) – powered by Informativ to Ensure a Consistent & Compliant Sales Process

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