Protect Your Dealership Against ID Fraud


Informativ’s Fraud Detection Software Safeguards Your Dealership Before & Through the Transaction


Our technology quickly and easily detects and prevents ID fraud:

  • Simple and fast scan of a license via your team’s mobile device through Informativ’s mobile app
  • Verifies IDs in seconds and validates 250+ unique barcode formats from every state to confirm whether the ID is real or fake
  • If fraud is detected, your management team at all stores in your group is immediately alerted
  • Integrates with our Dealer Safeguard compliance platform


Get added ID verification with CreditDriver mobile-first lead generation tech:

  • Offers consumers a fast prequalification
  • Pings consumer’s SIM card to verify the device belongs to the person completing the application
  • If there’s a mismatch, additional information is required

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Large Texas Dealership

Fraudulent IDs Detected in 6 Months

in Stolen Vehicles Saved


Exclusive AI Technology Detects Fraudulent IDs

  • Immediate detection
  • Fraud notification
  • Both in-store and remote

“Before we started using Informativ's fraud detection technology, we had six fraudulent sales in a year based on fake IDs. We wasted a lot of time and money chasing the car, doing damage control with insurance, which is painful. After we put it in Informativ’s technology, we had zero fraudulent sales. It really makes a difference in the efficiency of the store.”

— Jimmy Robinson, CFO, Pohanka Automotive

Additional Fraud Detection Benefits

If a fictitious identity blends real and fake personal information to establish credit, our system:

  • Triggers a hard stop so the sales and finance process can’t proceed
  • The credit report can’t be viewed until the potentially fraudulent information is corrected

When financing a deal, our Red Flag Alerts notifiy your team when additional due diligence is needed.

Our Out-of-wallet questions enhance the security and integrity of your transactions.

Tech that ensures you don’t transact with people or entities on the U.S. government’s sanctions list.

Get Fraud Detection for Your Dealership

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