5 Secrets of a Soft Pull That Will Help You Sell More

Consumers love soft pulls because of the short forms and no dings to their credit. Dealers should love AND use them even more. A soft pull is far more than just a credit score. Understanding and leveraging the benefits of a soft pull can help dealers understand car buyers better and improve the customer experience.

Equifax and Informativ have teamed up to present a fast and informative webinar that will quickly explain to you and your team 5 soft pull secrets that will help you sell more.

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The FTC’s Safeguards Rule requires dealers to enforce physical, administrative, and technical compliance at their dealerships or face possible fines of $100,000 per violation.

Aside from avoiding those FTC fines, top dealers have learned how to flip compliance from an expense to a profit by preventing ID and synthetic fraud, locking down the sales-to-F&I process and creating guardrails for their teams no matter the lead source or credit-worthiness of the deal.

Watch the webinar on-demand now!

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