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Single Provider for all Bureaus

Easy access to multiple credit reports and bureau scores from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, as well as regulatory compliance tools with up-to-date and concise credit insight to keep financial institutions accurately informed. The Auto Finance Summary is included in both hard and soft pull credit reports at no additional charge.

Soft Pull CreDit Reports

Retrieve a consumers full credit file without impacting their credit score, so you can make decisions with ease and efficiency. Decrease the compliance burden with no need for red flags obligation, OFAC checking, or riskbased pricing notice requirements, and in many cases, no adverse action notices. Offer soft pulls to consumers at the beginning of their buying journey through our CreditDriver marketing lead generation technology.

More Data to Get Deals Done

Our solution revolutionizes the way lenders assess buyers’ ability to repay loans. Our automated income check provides an accurate evaluation of an applicant and helps lenders evaluate creditworthiness beyond traditional credit scoring models. Our liens and judgment solutions provide lenders with important information to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of default.

Easy & Secure Integrations

Our industry-leading integrations work with all major CRMs,  in-house loan origination systems, automotive financing, and student loan refinancing companies to streamline the process for your team and alert them when an application has been received.

Online Prequalification

eCredit Complete and eCredit online integrate seamlessly with your website to keep prospects on your site throughout the application process. With the ability to perform hard pulls on credit reports, the web app provides detailed insight into an individual’s credit history, allowing lenders to assess risk and offer favorable rates to qualified borrowers.

Industry-leading Uptime & Support

With 99.99% uptime, our credit solution is the most reliable in the industry. Our customer support team is dedicated to ensuring your business leverages our solutions with ease and efficiency.


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