The Save More, Sell More, Keep More Roadmap: YOUR GUIDE TO DEALERSHIP SUCCESS

The success of your dealership depends on how effectively you can Save More, Sell More, and Keep More of what you make. Here are five strategic solutions that address your dealership’s top challenges and will help you drive toward a more profitable future.

Control Your Dealership’s Overhead with a Fixed Credit Bureau Expense

With greater predictability and improved decision-making capabilities, taking control of your financial operations is crucial.

  • Avoid fluctuating expenses
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Enhance operational efficiency

Cut Compliance Risks & Build Better Deals with Pre-qualifications

Give customers a mobile-friendly option to learn what they’re qualified to buy – – without harming their credit — and get the data you need from a soft pull credit report to build deals that will close without the expense of a hard pull.

  • Provides a better customer experience
  • Gives your dealership enriched consumer data
  • Decreases compliance risks compared to hard pulls

Enhanced Lead Generation with QR-Code Based Technology

Mobile-first marketing efforts make it easy for consumers to engage.

  • Increased conversions and lead source tracking
  • Verified lead data
  • Decreased ID fraud

Avoid Vehicle Theft from ID Fraud

Protect your dealership and team from criminals using fake IDs to steal cars.

  • Leverage technology to detect ID fraud
  • Ensure compliant ID scans
  • Prevent vehicle theft

Keep More of What You Make With a Proactive Compliance Platform

Protecting your dealership’s profit and reputation extends beyond merely avoiding fines.

  • Enforceable compliance that complements your current sales process
  • Removes paper with valuable PII from your showroom
  • Prevents losses, fines, and lawsuits due
    to non-compliance and fraud

These strategies provide a clear path toward a more profitable, efficient, andcontrolled sales operation. Embrace the “Save More, Sell More, Keep More” approach of Informativ’s Total Solution.

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From helping your team go further faster, sell more cars, and make more money to ultimately giving you peace of mind, our complete and proactive credit and compliance solution improves, expedites, and complements your current sales procedss. See why top dealers are happy they chose us… and you should too.