Smooth Rides Ahead: Mastering Efficiency, Compliance & Cost-Savings in Your Dealership

 Keeping It Legal: Navigating Compliance 

  • What Is Compliance Tech: Think of it as your dealership’s guardian angel. With compliance tech embedded in your automotive dealer software, you can keep both customer data and trust on lockdown. 
  • Why Bother with Compliance Solutions? They are the ultimate multitaskers. Compliance software squashes risks, and makes sure you are playing by the rules, safeguarding your dealership’s reputation and assets. Speaking of “safeguarding”, the FTC Safeguards Rule includes 145-pages of compliance obligations that are impossible to meet without compliance software on your side. Check out our FAQ about the FTC Safeguards Rule, here.
  • Check, Check, Double Check: Your Auto Dealership Compliance Checklist. This checklist is your roadmap to staying squeaky clean. From safeguarding data to respecting consumer rights, this comprehensive checklist covers all the bases, making sure compliance is easy. 

Lead Generation 101: Bringing in the Buyers.  

  • Credit Checks Made Easy: Soft pull credit reports create a new cheat code within the sales game. Soft pull credit reports let you peek into a customer’s credibility without leaving a mark. The result speeds up the sales process and make everyone happy.
  • Big Win for Dealers: For dealers, soft pullcredit reports provide valuable insights into a customer’s financial situation. In addition, the speed and convenience of soft pull credit reports creates a smoother sales process for both parties. 
  • Catch ‘Em All with Advanced Lead Capture Software: Consider the software as your tool for catching sales. Lead capturing strategies capture potential customers, streamline management, and dish out juicy insights for targeted marketing.
  • Give Buyers a Mobile Experience: CreditDriver is the leader in soft pull credit technology. Our innovative approach includes trackable QR codes that give consumers a mobile experience. It also verifies their ID and offers an easy way to get prequalified. That results in 30% more conversions for your dealership.  

ID Fraud Protection: The Dealership Detective 

  • An Overview of Fraud Detection Technology: Fraud detection software uses advanced AI algorithms to detect fraud, identity theft, and fake IDs.
  • The Best Fraud Detection Software: Informativ’s fraud detection technology is your dealership’s shield against identity fraud, offering easy-to-use and effective features.
  • Quick & Easy: Our solution utilizes advanced technology to quickly scan and verify IDs through our user-friendly mobile app. This process verifies personal information within seconds, saving time and increasing efficiency for our users.
  • More Than Just Fraud Detection: Our solution seamlessly integrates with our Dealer Safeguard compliance platform, ensuring that it follows all necessary regulations and protocols. This integration makes ID verification easy and accurate, giving users peace of mind.
  • Hard Stops: The software stops sales when it finds errors. It notifies the team for review. It enhances transaction security. It ensures compliance by blocking transactions when the technology detects fraud.
  • Think Like a Criminal: Stay one step ahead of fraudsters by knowing their tricks. That includes never objecting to price, saying “yes” to all extras, and more. Automotive News recently shared our insights into ID fraud protection and fraud detection, here.

Picking Your Ride: Finding the Best Compliance Software  

  • Deciding On Your Digital Co-Pilot: When searching for compliance software, make sure to consider key factors to find the right fit for your dealership.
  • The Right Fit: Having the proper compliance software for your dealership is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and maximizing efficiency. With the right software in place, you can streamline processes, improve productivity, and fulfill all FTC Safeguards Rule requirements.
  • Go Paperless – Save Trees & Time: Dealerships are especially prone to FTC Safeguards Rule violations because of all the paperwork that’s produced with customers’ private information. Informativ’s compliance software removes paper from the sales process. All private information is collected, created, and stored digitally. This also streamlines your sales-to-F&I process. Your finance team can begin working deals as soon as the information is collected.
  • Features That Make Your Heart Race: Compliance should be a key feature of your suite of Automotive Dealer Software. Good car dealer software can help you keep track of sales, simplify your job, and make customers happy. 

Playing Nice: Integrating Compliance and Credit Reports 

  • The Power of Partnerships: When your car dealer software, including credit reports, and compliance software work well together, everything runs smoothly.
  • Credit? Check!: Informativ offers hard and soft pull credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Our platform integrates seamlessly with our compliance software.
  • Don’t Get Catfished: We also check for synthetic fraud, which involves creating a new identity by combining real and fake personal information. Fraudsters can use this information to open accounts, make purchases, apply for loans, and more.
  • Your Compliance Obligations: Informativ ensure that all compliance related to credit reports is handled. That includes the electronic delivery of Adverse Action notices which ensures secure email or text delivery of Risk-Based Pricing and Adverse Action notices, so that nothing is lost in the mail. You’re able to easily track and enforce compliance with our customized solution.
  • Secure Data: Our Compliance Dashboard makes it easy for you and your team to find documents. We securely store compliance documents in our digital vault, clearing the need for traditional filing methods.
  • Preventing Chaos: Integrated systems remove chaos, tedious tasks, and give you more time to focus on wowing your customers. 

Future-proofing Your Dealership: Staying Ahead of the Game  

  • Keeping Agile: Welcoming change and innovation will help you avoid falling behind in the competition. Keep up with the latest tech and trends to give your dealership the edge it needs to shine, both now and in the future.  
  • Investing In Your Team: Your team is your secret superpower. Make sure to provide the process and guardrails needed to help them check for fraud, remain compliant, and sell cars faster. This will help them deliver excellent service and keep customers happy. 
  • Change Is Constant: In today’s ever-changing world, keeping your auto dealership running smoothly and securely is more important than ever. Embrace compliance, boost lead generation, prevent fraud, choose the best software, ensure integration, and stay ahead for success. 


From helping your team go further faster, sell more cars, and make more money to ultimately giving you peace of mind, our complete and proactive credit and compliance solution improves, expedites, and complements your current sales process. See why top dealers are happy they chose us… and you should too.