Informativ and DSGSS has partnered with AutoFI

Informativ Partners with AutoFi to Streamline Compliance Checks

Leading Credit and Automotive Compliance Technology Company, Informativ, Partners with AutoFi to Streamline Compliance Checks

Frisco, TX – July 18, 2023 – Informativ, which brings together best-in-class credit, compliance, and lead generation technology companies, Credit Bureau Connection (CBC), Dealer Safeguard Solutions (DSGSS), and CreditDriver, and provides more than 7,000 automobile dealers and other businesses with credit-focused lead generation, credit reporting, and compliance solutions, has partnered with AutoFi, the leading provider of digital commerce technology that powers the sales and finance experiences across the automotive industry to improve
the dealership sales process through a more streamlined compliance check process.

Informativ’s Dealer Safeguard Solutions is the only platform serving the automotive industry that provides a
proactive, consistent, and enforceable compliance process that complements and enhances a dealership’s current sales process while ensuring it meets all the obligations of the FTC’s Safeguards rule for administrative and physical compliance.

Through the partnership with AutoFi, the two solutions will save dealers time and potential errors by pushing all the necessary information from the AutoFi credit application into the Dealer Safeguard Solutions platform enabling a compliance check to be run in one streamlined step.

“Our Dealer Safeguard compliance platform is the leader in the auto industry and critical to dealers today,” said David Carner, CEO of Informativ. “We’re proud to partner and integrate with AutoFi as their digital commerce technology is just as vital to dealers who are tasked with speeding up the car buying process, improving the customer experience, and ensuring it’s all done in a compliant manner.”

Prior to the integration, dealers had to type information from the credit application, driver’s license, and insurance into the Dealer Safeguard platform as compliance checks are a mandatory part of the credit process. This integration saves time and prevents errors from rekeying data. The integration benefits consumers and dealers online as well as in the store.

“Dealers today have a target on their backs when it comes to compliance,” said Doug Fusco, founder of Dealer Safeguard Solutions. “Our compliance technology protects dealers and the information they get from their customers through a digital process that is virtually paperless and has safeguards built in to protect against human error. Our partnership with AutoFi only furthers our ability to streamline and improve the sales process for dealers and consumers, all while ensuring it’s compliant.”

Dealers using both Dealer Safeguard Solutions and AutoFi gain accuracy and peace of mind, while saving time. Working together, AutoFi and DSGSS benefit both consumers and dealers—online as well as in the store.

“Compliance is more critical than ever for car dealers,” said Kevin Singerman, CEO and Co-Founder of AutoFi. “We’re excited to partner with a well-respected company like Informativ’s Dealer Safeguard Solutions to make it easier for our dealer partners to be compliant while transacting through the AutoFi platform.”

Informativ and AutoFi are presenting a free webinar to share more details of the benefits of proactive compliance and digital commerce on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET. Dealers and the media are invited to register for the 30-minute presentation by clicking here.

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Informativ, which brings together top credit and compliance technology companies, Credit Bureau Connection, Dealer Safeguard Solutions, and CreditDriver, offers credit-focused, mobile-first lead generation, credit report and compliance solutions to the automotive and general consumer finance industries across the United States. The Company optimizes and automates the consumer finance qualification process through a fast, easy-to-use, and secure software platform made available to its extensive network of software affiliate partners. Informativ’s products and solutions place a heavy emphasis on compliance and identity verification to support the credit application and credit report process. Please visit for additional information.

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