Leading Automotive Partner Launches Complete & Proactive Credit & Compliance Solution That Encompasses Lead Generation Through Vehicle Sales

Solution and new name, Informativ, which reflects the company’s approach to comprehensive credit and compliance solutions, will be unveiled to the automotive industry at NADA 2023 in Dallas.

Frisco, TX January 24, 2023 Informativ, which brings together top credit and compliance technology companies, Credit Bureau Connection (CBC), Dealer Safeguard Solutions, and CreditDriver, and provides more than 7,000 automobile dealers and other businesses with creditfocused lead generation, credit reporting, and compliance solutions, today announced a new, complete, and proactive credit and compliance offering.

The solution brings together innovative, mobilefirst consumer credit prequalification and lead generation, a proactive vehicle sales compliance solution that protects dealerships from costly violations of the FTC’s expanded Safeguards rule, as well as reliable and comprehensive credit reporting and compliance support.

“A great deal is at stake for dealerships as they navigate new and expanded FTC guidelines,” said David Carner, CEO of Informativ. “Our technology works together from the moment a lead is captured using QR code technology and the consumer’s mobile device identification, to deliver enriched data to dealerships, protect against fraud, and enforce a complete and proactive compliance process, both instore and online, from the sales floor to F&I, and beyond, so dealers can stop hoping they’re compliant, and instead, start knowing they’re compliant.”

Informativ’s credit and compliance technology, Credit Bureau Connection and Dealer Safeguard Solutions, enables a proactive, consistent, and enforceable process on instore and remote deals that protects consumer data, follows federal guidelines, prevents dealerships from violations that can result in devastating fines, and supports a seamless, faster sales process as there is less paperwork to handle.

My team says, ‘Please, whatever you do, don’t take it (Dealer Safeguard Solutions) away because it’s helping us sell cars faster, more compliant,” said Andy Graff, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Innovation at Galpin Motors. “It’s also creating a great experience for our customers.”

Informativ’s lead generation and prequalification technology is the firstofitskind to focus on a mobilefirst experience which leads to 30% higher conversion rates compared to website prequalification. By leveraging a buyer’s mobile phone carrier data once a dealership’s unique QR code is scanned, information is quickly and easily collected and provided to the dealership, including the lead source.

“Attaching Informativ’s QR code technology to our existing advertising has been a gamechanger,” said MikeLopret ta, General Manager of Razzari Ford. “We picked up 58 additional leads on our first campaign alone!”

Credit Bureau Connection, Dealer Safeguard Solutions, and CreditDriver powered by Informativ, will be showcasing the solution at booth 6031 at NADA, the automotive industry’s largest trade show, in Dallas January 27 29, 2023. Informativ is inviting dealers to “join the ride” and enter to win a new Harley Davidson motorcycle during the show. More information can be found at www.informativ.com/nada

About Informativ
Informativ, which brings together top credit and compliance technology companies, Credit Bureau Connection, Dealer Safeguard Solutions, and CreditDriver, offers creditfocused, mobilefirst lead generation, credit report and compliance solutions to the automotive and general consumer finance industries across the United States. The Company optimizes and automates the consumer finance qualification process through a fast, easytouse, and secure software platform made available to its extensive network of software affiliate partners. Informativ’s products and solutions place a heavy emphasis on compliance and identity verification to support the credit application and credit report process. Please visit www.informativ.com for additional information.

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