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Fremont Toyota Uses CreditDriver to Increase Business 300%

The dealership wanted to better engage and serve credit-challenged customers in the area, either those in subprime credit tiers and/or who had recently filed for bankruptcy.

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Our decades-long credit, compliance, and lead generation experience and cutting-edge technology are trusted by 7,000+ businesses.

“Informativ is always on our side and going to bat for us. They are trustworthy and responsive and understand the importance of those qualities in our industry. When we acquire new stores and they aren’t using Informativ’s Credit Bureau Connection, we encourage them to do so.”

ROBBIE BLACK, Asbury Auto Group

“Informativ is more than a vendor. They’re a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to deliver great technological expertise.”


Informativ’s Credit Bureau Connection was easy to integrate with and sped up our product launch. Unlike working with an independent bureau, CBC gave us the flexibility to pull credit from more than just one bureau. In addition, their deep data industry expertise and credit bureau knowledge helped us deliver the most automated and compelling auto refinancing experience to our customers.”

— TRAVIS BOWIE, General Manager, Jerry

“Since we’ve implemented, we have a seamless process. Our employees come in trained. It’s paperless. We don’t have any inconsistency anymore and business just does very well. Plus with several rooftops, we can take an employee from one store, move them to the another and it’s a seamless transition.

— CHRIS SUCHY,  Nielsen Auto Group

“Informativ has streamlined funding, deal costing, everything. It’s really saved us a lot of time and money.

— JIMMY ROBINSON,  Pohanka Automotive

“The first store we put it in in Texas a few years ago we had six fraudulent car sales you know based upon fake IDs before we put the software in. We wasted a lot of time and money chasing the cars, doing damage control, working with insurance which is painful on claims. We put it in and the next 12 months we had zero. So I mean it really makes a difference in the efficiency of the store.

— JIMMY ROBINSON,  Pohanka Automotive

“The integrations they are able to provide for us, the readability of reports, and stability of their platform are why we initially chose to work with Informativ’s Credit Bureau Connection. Their tech expertise, agile mindset, and willingness to help are why we stay.”

— ANTHONY IANUCILLI, Schomp Auto Group

“The team is reliable, respected, easy to work with and do what’s right for the customer. They actually take an interest in us and what we’re working on and go the extra mile to help us find solutions for the problems we’re looking to solve.”


“What impresses me the most about Informativ’s Dealer Safeguard platform is how they took something so complicated and made it so simple. It’s a no brainer.”

— CHRIS ZAMORA, Zamora Auto Group

“Attaching Informativ’s QR code technology to our existing advertising has been a gamechanger. We picked up 58 additional leads on our first campaign alone!”

— MIKE LOPRETTA, General Manager, Razzari Ford 

“Informativ streamlines our sales process with multiple rooftops, because the road to the sale is always going to be the same. The salesperson knows that regardless of what store you’re at, what location you’re at, that you’ve got to follow the process and make sure that we’re checking compliance and we’re checking for fraud.”

— JESSE CORDAWAY, Parks Auto Group

“We’ve been doing it for 12 years with you guys. The scanning feature and the app has really helped us organize and be compliant, with keeping everything secure on your portal and pulling credit through your portal. Our sales team loves it! We have it at all our stores. It’s been really great.”

— KEVIN LARDIE, Gay Family Auto

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