Case Study

Fremont Toyota Uses CreditDriver to Increase Business 300%

Fremont Toyota

Premier Toyota Dealer
Fremont, California

Fremont Toyota is one of the largest Toyota dealerships in Northern California serving customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The dealership sells about 300 vehicles a month as its business is still rebounding from inventory issues related to Covid.


The dealership wanted to better engage and serve credit challenged customers in the area, either those in subprime credit tiers and/or who had recently filed for bankruptcy. The dealership regularly mails 500-1000 letters every month to these consumers with no insight into how the mailers are received.


Informativ’s CreditDriver lead generation technology leverages trackable QR codes that when scanned by consumers offers a fast, easy way to get prequalified for credit – directly from their mobile device. Because the technology leverages a consumer’s mobile device, it quickly verifies the consumer’s identification by pinging the cellphone carrier data. Whether the consumer completes the prequalification process, the dealer gets the lead information for future follow-up.

Results & Benefits:

100 %
Increase in business since adding the CreditDriver QR codes to mailers
$ 1000
Deal closed with a consumer who didn't complete the prequalification process but because the phone number was captured immediately, it turned into a deal
0 x
More leads from the mailers that include the CreditDriver QR code

Informativ's CreditDriver lead generation technology has increased my business by 300%. We now get two to three leads daily from our mailers and 95% of those leads drive home in a new car. Recently we closed a deal with a $7,000 profit that wouldn't have happened, but because the consumer's phone number was captured immediately, we were able to follow up and make the sale.

Rodrick Buttram
Special Finance Manager, Fremont Toyota

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