Dealership Compliance

Stop Hoping Your Dealership Is Compliant & Start KNOWING It Is!

Guarantee a Transparent, Consistent, & Compliant Process EVERY TIME!

The ONLY proactive enforcement platform that ensures your people, policies, paperwork and processes are safeguarded & compliant.

  • Prevents Fraud Top fraud detection tech that works in-store and on remote deals
  • Elimination of Paperwork – Creates a digital process in the showroom and at the desk
  • Enforces Consistency – Glues together your people, policies and process to adhere to Federal Safeguards, privacy laws & FCRA obligations
  • Protects Remote Deals – Fully integrated, secure and compliant platform to request and receive STIPS without the customer needing to be present.
  • Proof of Compliance – Digital trail of credit consent, STIP requests, and storing of dead deals
  • Proactive Not Reactive – Transition from reacting to compliance violations after the fact to stopping them before they occur


Large North Texas Dealership

Fraudulent IDs Detected in 6 Months

in Stolen Vehicles Saved


Exclusive AI Technology Detects Fraudulent IDs

  • Immediate detection
  • Fraud notification
  • Both in-store and remote

“My team says - please, whatever you do, don't take it away because it's helping us sell cars faster, more compliant. And our customer experience is excellent.”

— Andy Graff, Galpin Motors

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