Make This Your BEST Year

Build your lead funnel with prequalified leads that are captured via QR codes.

We have the only MOBILE-FIRST prequalification solution that makes it EASY for consumers to get prequalified and for you to get enriched lead data instantly.

  • 71% of total online traffic is from wireless — so why are you directing buyers to a busy, hard-to-navigate webpage? Our solution increases conversions by 30%.
  • 93% of consumers say that since COVID-19, they’ve used a QR code to complete a financial transaction—QR codes are familiar to and trusted by consumers. Our QR codes also track all lead sources.

Eliminate bad deals.

Sixty percent of dealerships say 3 or more vehicles were stolen by criminals using fake IDs last year—and most dealers still lack identity fraud protections. Our fraud detection tech validates driver’s license data and authenticates 250+ unique barcode formats from every state. Here’s how we helped one large Texas dealership:

  • 19 Fraudulent IDs Detected in 6 Months
  • $1.2 Million in Stolen Vehicles Saved
  • 67,000% ROI

Stay away from the compliance police.

Does your team really know what’s at risk when it comes to the FTC’s expanded Safeguards rule, privacy laws, and FCRA obligations? The fines can be devastating. Our compliance tech enforces consistent compliance on in-store and remote deals with a platform that covers:

  • Your people
  • Your policies
  • Your paperwork (our solution eliminates it)
  • Your process
  • Plus, we store your dead deals for the required 5 years

Trust your credit partner.

We’ve been supporting businesses and their credit reporting and compliance needs for decades and have an industry-leading 99.99% uptime—meaning whenever you need us, we’re there to help you make the deal—and follow the rules.

Give us just 10 minutes and we’ll show you how our solutions will help you make this your BEST year.

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